We specialise in painting commercial and office premises.
There are many regulations to be followed in business premises. We will guarantee that the Commercial Painting projects awarded are delivered in a secure and timely way with our extensive knowledge and professional project management & scheduling.

To guarantee that our procedures are aligned with the many public laws, our team has undergone numerous training. This made us a preferred option for Singapore’s Commercial Painting Services.

For multiple business premises, we provide professional commercial painting services including retail, offices, shop houses and buildings.
Commercial painting for company premises is painting. Besides the ordinary painting services offered, due to the skills and wider range of services they offer, the commercial painter is preferred. Due to the commercial nature of the premises, the painters work closely with other contractors to ensure that the job is completed within the stipulated period.

Commercial painters are addressing large-scale tasks like painting a hospital, office, or college. A business painter will do the job quickly and can operate flexibly to minimise customer disruption. This involves working for the customer after hours, on holidays or at any other moment. The materials used in the commercial painting are more effective and appropriate for various surfaces.
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Commercial/Retail Painting
Commercial painting is performed to boost and improve the building’s market value. The services are expanded to offices, colleges, hospitals, shopping malls and warehouses. Each work involves surface preparation, energy washing, sandblasting, and coating in addition to interior and exterior painting. All these components are component of the commercial painters’ quality workmanship.
Free Site Inspection
We provide free pre-painting site inspection for your home
Premium Products
We use only 100% genuine products from our leading paint partners
Shifting and Protection Service
We provide shifting and laying of protection on your furniture
Exterior Painting
Nice exterior painting work is crucial in order to maintain your company premises looking great in the humid climate of Singapore. Caution is done to cover all surfaces in the vicinity. This involves protecting the building’s windows, flower beds and other exterior characteristics. Previously covered surfaces are provided with energy wash for clean and even painting room while bare surfaces are primed. High-quality materials ensure years of painting work. Different techniques of painting are used depending on the size and composition. It can roll, spray, or brushing. The painters do each work according to their requirements, paying close attention to detail.
Preparation Works
Precaution is taken to guarantee secure work before the painting is finished. Furniture is shifted away from the walls while it covers fixed furniture and other surfaces. Interior painting is performed on surfaces that are fresh or earlier painted. The sanded, caulked, or patched region to be painted. This ensures the work is performed on a smooth, even surface. All corners and woodwork are taped and then all the supplies to be used are carried in as the painting of the interior begins. Other services include repairing drywall, removing wallpaper, and removing mildew. Brushes, paints and scrapers of the highest quality are used to guarantee professional and neat interior painting.
Office Painting
A general impression of class, grace and professionalism is given by a painted office. It makes the work atmosphere more convenient and also more customer-friendly. Having office premises painted by licensed commercial artists enhances the picture of the brand and helps keep the building’s market value. Office painting is carried out indoors and outdoors; according to customer requirements.
Tailor-made Services
There are distinct office settings, sizes and structures, so each painting task is tailored to fit each. An assessment is carried out on-site so that the painters are well prepared for the work. A colour system is discussed for fresh offices, preferably one that is in line with the logo of the company. Any regions that require unique attention or repair are observed for earlier used offices. An assessment on-site before the painting commences is critical to help save time, in order to get adequately equipped for the job.
Exterior Office Painting
A building’s exterior can either attract or repel clients, which is why it is necessary to have a neatly done paint job. All the weather components are subjected to the exterior, which can make the building look old and unattractive. However, professional painters will restore the building’s appearance through high-quality tools and paint. An assessment is carried out, whether painting or touch-ups are the first time, or whether any repair is required before the painting begins. Any holes and dents are filled with crack filler to create an even painting surface. The paint shades are mixed with the specifications of the customer and the painting is done. For years, the sort of paint used can resist all weather aspects, providing a satisfying job that lasts for years. The end outcome will be a striking, well-groomed office building where clients and staff can profitably conduct company.
Interior Office Painting
Painting the office’s interior is essential because it contributes to the working environment’s general feeling. All required preparations are performed before painting; from relocating and protecting furniture to delegating tasks. To deliver a flawless finish, low-odour paint and specialist equipment are used. The painting is performed smoothly, paying attention to detail in order to end the outcomes for years. The logo of the business is included in the colour scheme. On request, a unique accent wall is created.

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